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Personal Note From Dr. Tobias

My name is Dr. Tobias Ihde. I am from Germany, the land of engineering science, precision, thoroughness and high quality products, and of course great cars! It is my personal conviction that the key to health and happiness lies within an active lifestyle and a natural diet. I love physical and intellectual activity very much. Although I struggled with obesity as a child, I later studied Sport Science in one of Germany’s most renowned universities, with an emphasis on Sports & Medicine. With this program I was involved in physical and mental training up to 7 hours per day. Here I competed with top calibre athletes.

For several years, I have worked in the research department for Sports Science & Medicine. I gained a thorough comprehension of how the body works through scientific research. I also used my own body as a living experiment for my research.
My friends and people who know me would say that I have always been one with a passion and a gift for learning, which led me to expand my studies to other fields Economics, Philosophy, Pedagody, and Mathematics. Three different research faculties of my university offered a probably unprecedented four different Doctoral theses to me: the research faculty of Sports Science & Medicine, Mathematics, and Economics. Due to my interest in probability and applied statistics, I completed my Doctoral Thesis in Economics. I had already started writing another thesis in Sports Science.

Shortly after I finished my Doctoral thesis I worked as a top management consultant for a highly reputable consultancy in Germany.
It was during this time that I faced severe health issues, and I left the management consultancy to focus on my health. An odyssey of several years started – even high profile doctors could not help me. It took me 6 years of personal research and testing to get to the root of the causes and find a cure to bring me back to good health.
My background of Sports Science and my prior work in Sports & Medicine research provided me with a strong foundation, as did my experience as an athlete with a high body awareness, mental tenacity and strong will. All these characteristics were helpful to overcome the health issues I faced.
However, this personal experience fueled my desire to promote health and happiness to all people, because I had learned that many ailments could be avoided with good nutrition and an active lifestyle. This is my mission with the Dr. Tobias health product line – named after the nickname that my American friends had given me: “Dr. Tobias.”