What Vitamins are Good For Your Hair?

What Vitamins are Good For Your Hair?

We need vitamins. Many of us take them every day to be healthy, but often only with our “inner” health in mind. That said, what about “outer” health? We’re not talking about skin— we’re talking about hair, the body’s most beauty-oriented organ, which needs healthy pampering, too!

Our manes (and beards) need vitamins to stay strong, nourished, and healthy. Here are the most important vitamins to improve hair growth and help it retain that lustrous sheen.

Vitamin A

You might have already stumbled upon vitamin A in your hair products…you just didn’t recognize it! It usually goes by “retinol” on the labels, but this is just another name for a type of vitamin A.

You’ll find vitamin A is an important nutrient for combating hair brittleness and breakage. Don’t overdo it, though— if you take too much, it could possibly cause hair loss instead.

Biotin (a.k.a. Vitamin B7)

If you’ve struggled with fine, thinning hair or even hair loss, you’re probably familiar with biotin. For those of you who are new to it, biotin is an essential vitamin to keep hair growth robust, plentiful, and beautiful.
If you’re looking to jump start healthy hair and thinning issues biotin or vitamin B7 is a must. At a microscopic level, biotin is shown to stimulate hair growth at the follicle, which encourages the most powerful (and natural) process for hair regrowth out there.

Vitamin C

Nope—vitamin C isn’t just for colds and flu! It’s also really important for shiny and healthy hair, too.
You need vitamin C to produce collagen for your skin and other tissues. Your hair also needs collagen: to ramp up healthier hair growth, to reduce breakage, to stay strong and moisturized, and to prevent split ends.

Stylists will be quick to tell you vitamin C is a must-have for your damaged hair arsenal!

Vitamin D

Like vitamin C, vitamin D is another nutrient people don’t tend to associate with hair so much. It’s more common for people to take it for skin, bone, nerve, and mental health.
Still, research shows that in people with hair loss related conditions (such as alopecia), low levels of vitamin D could be part of the problem. There is definitely a connection between vitamin D and the creation of new hair follicles as well— and that’s exciting news for all of us!

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is often considered the “skin health” vitamin. But what’s the hair connection?
To have healthy and strong hair, you also need to have a healthy….scalp! The skin on your head is pivotal to hair growth and reducing hair loss. So, when shopping for nourishing hair products, don’t skimp on stocking up on products that contain plenty of vitamin E.

At quick glance, most vitamins have some benefit to your hair. Especially nutrients like biotin and vitamin A, these top the list of most effective and common vitamins for healthy hair of all types— be sure to try them out!

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