How To Support Your Gut And Change Your Life With Natural Foods

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How To Support Your Gut And Change Your Life With Natural Foods

Healthy eating can take on a variety of different forms: consuming fresh and organic fruits and vegetables every day, devouring homemade superfood delicacies, or simply avoiding processed foods with astonishingly high levels of sugar, pesticides, and additives we can’t even pronounce.

Regardless of which way you take, the conclusion is always the same: eating natural foods grown from the earth is the simplest thing you can do for your health to experience so many wonderful health benefits. That is why we are encouraging you to make the commitment to nourish yourself with natural and whole foods.

We have heard and know that a clean, green, fiber-filled diet can skyrocket the overall quality of your health, but how? Read on an learn how plants grown from the ground – especially prebiotic and probiotic rich foods – can drastically transform the health of your gut and your life.

Your Diet Is The Most Important Factor For Your Gut Health

The condition of your gut microbiome affects virtually every aspect of your mind and body, from your digestion and blood sugar levels to your immune system, mental well-being, and the amount of energy you have on a daily basis. So, what does that mean? Optimizing your gut health is crucial if you’re looking to experience a healthy lifestyle from the inside and out.

Did you know that your microbes are constantly under attack from the typical Western dietary habits full of process food and sugar as well as from lifestyle factors? In addition to diet, factors like aging, stress, the presence of antibiotics in our foods and as medicine, chemicals in our hygiene products, and toxins in the environment can all throw your plans of a healthy lifestyle and gut environment out the winder.

The good news is that it is so simple to nourish and sooth your gut when you adopt a diet full of real, whole foods from the earth. It may be obvious that probiotic rich foods can help support your microbiome, but even the probiotics already in your need to be supported in order to thrive. This is where prebiotics come into play.

What Are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are a natural soluble fiber used by your gut’s good bacteria as fuel. Prebiotics are like rain when it comes to the garden that is your digestive tract – they help the gut maintain high quantities of friendly flora. Examples of prebiotic-rich foods are oats, bananas, apples, and pumpkin seeds.

How Do Prebiotics Help Your Gut?

Prebiotics help your good bacteria to flourish. Thanks to their major role in nourishing the good bacteria meant to support all of your bodily functions, prebiotics are considered vital for a happy gut! Prebiotics are crucial for maximizing the absorption of nutrients you consume through natural foods. When your gut is teeming with beneficial bacteria and you’re maximizing the nutrients you’re getting from your diet, you’re supporting your immune system, your energy levels, and the health of your skin. Plus, our gut-brain connection has the food are eating directly impacting how we think and feel, so all the more reason to consciously choose foods that support our overall health.

Go The Natural Way

Start by increasing the amount of probiotics and prebiotics naturally to boost the overall quantity and quality of friendly flora that colonizes within your gut. Choose natural, whole, fibrous foods into your diet. Here are some ideas to get you started:




-Brussel Sprouts










-Green Peas













-White Peaches

-Whole Grains