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Optimum Colon

  • Optimum Colon – Consistent Cleanse: Your daily regimen and maintenance cleanse that you can use as long as you wish. Makes colon care super easy for soccer moms, office workers, and everyone who is health conscious and has little time
  • Advanced Everyday Colon Care Formula with herbal, natural ingredients: Fibers, intestinal scrubbers, absorptive agents, probiotics and soothing agents, in a carefully balanced composition. All of this for your best colon health and harmony from the inside.
  • Supports detox. Promotes healthy levels of bacteria in the intestinal tract. Both is important to support good health. This cleanser may be combined with weight loss supplements, diet kits or probiotic nutritional supplements to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Supports regularity and helps to remove buildup of waste – enjoy an experience of freedom and ease
  • 180 Capsules (3 capsules per day: 2 months supply). High Quality, 100% backed by Amazon’s guarantee. Great value you buy and use with confidence
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