"This is a great product! I could feel it working almost immediately, it does exactly what it says it does! I highly recommend and I will reorder again." - Diane Smith

Why DR.Tobias?

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  • With Natural Ingredients

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Nutrient Absorption

Are you tired of having a weakened
immune system?

Have you been struggling with extra weight, bloating, or diarrhea? Are you tired of a weakened immune system but don’t want to take prescribed medications to improve it?

Many problems in our bodies start with an imbalance of gut bacteria. Typically, the gut, or gastrointestinal tract, contains billions of friendly bacteria that help digest food, regulate various processes in the body, and protect it from some diseases.

However, if that balance is disrupted by antibiotics, an unhealthy lifestyle, or environmental factors – one can experience digestion problems or decreased immune function.

So, What Exactly Are Deep Immune Probiotics and Prebiotics?

A healthy Gut
Helps Clear Toxins
Healthy Immune system

This specialized formula contains around 4.4 billion CFU (Colony Forming Units) of probiotics with added prebiotics in every dose, to restore perfect balance in your digestive system.

DE111, the friendly, spore-forming, probiotic strain that is highly effective in supporting normal proliferation of beneficial gut bacteria, ensures that your digestive system will work the way nature intended.

A healthy Gut
Helps Clear Toxins
Healthy Immune system

Prebiotics, which are essentially food for the friendly bacteria, promote the growth of good bacteria in your gut to help soothe your digestion.

The Deep Immune Probiotics and Prebiotics delayed-release capsules allow the good bacteria to safely reach your stomach. That way, your intestines have time to absorb more of the healthy bacteria in a completely natural way.

How Can You Benefit From Deep Immune Probiotics & Prebiotics?


The Deep Immune Probiotics help maintain the proper balance of healthy bacteria in your gut.


The probiotics may help boost your immune system to better protect you from harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.


By improving your digestion, the Deep Immune Probiotics can help you treat diarrhea or prevent it from occurring in the first place.


Probiotic supplements are known to improve some mental conditions.

The Probiotics
& Prebiotics

Almost Everyone Can Take

Many individuals can safely take Dr. Tobias’ Deep Immune Probiotics & Prebiotics, including people with sensitive stomachs.

No refrigeration required
Contains highly effective spore-forming strain, DE111
with prebiotics to feed nutrients for healthy probiotic organisms

Here Is What Our Happy Customers Think

I've been battling histamine intolerance from candida overgrowth for over a year and my chronic hives and insomnia are greatly reduced. I will keep using this probiotic. It is very effective."

Jonas Wells

"In the past I've just taken probiotics on faith, never really knowing whether or not they were actually doing anything. With this product, however, I could actually feel the difference in my gut in just a few hours! I was amazed! I have diverticulosis and could feel a flare coming on before I took the probiotic. I will not be without this probiotic! The difference in my gut is just amazing!"

Greg Small

"Good stuff. My doctor reluctantly put me on antibiotics, but I had to knock out the bug I caught. I bought this to get my gut back into shape. After a few days, I could feel it was better. No pains, rumbling or just overall discomfort. This won't be the last time I buy this product. Could be all I was missing to fight off the nasties going around."

Samantha Forrester

Your Healthy
Digestion Starts Today!

Instead of struggling with digestion-related problems, or a weakened immune system, you can now live a healthy life in harmony with your body without taking any medication.

It all starts in the gut. Once you have a balanced population of bacteria in your digestive system, your entire body begins working more efficiently.

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